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    We will offer London’s most extensive infusion menu


    Why: Stimulates peristalsis to assist with movement of faeces out of colon.
    To remove toxins accumulated in the liver quickly and safely.
    To remove free radicals from the bloodstream - free radicals are a
    major contributor to inflammation.


    Why: Supports the body’s normal inflammation response.
    High in enzymes, very nourishing.
    Enhances elimination of potentially harmful toxins.
    Particularly effective when clearing heavy metals.


    Why Live Bacteria that forms our gut flora: basically meaning “For Life”. 
    The most direct way to re-populate gut flora is via a probiotic enema directly into the bowel.
    Vital for normal healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients.
    Improves immune system function and boosts metabolism.


    Why: Powerful antibacterial, anti parasitical, anti fungal and antioxidant.
    Generally used in implant for killing candida and worms.

    Chakra Oils
    Frequénce Botanical Essential Oils

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