1. Mood Meds

    Each of these sessions includes a therapeutic breathing exercise,
    goes into a specific meditation technique, mudra/yoga posture
    (which anyone can do – non yogis included!) and final relaxation. 


  2. Out of my Head: grounding / de-stressing / calming

    Perfect pre treatment relaxation. 

    A sample programme.
    Start with standing breathing technique to open the body
    and use tree posture to really land in the space,
    begin to slow down a whirring mind.
    Then move to sitting comfortably to continue with the meditation -
    attention on the breath, counting the breath,
    noticing the quality of the breath.

    Breath technique:
    Nadi Shodana/alternate nostril using Vishnu Mudra.
    This balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain.
    Super relaxing, yet awakening – brings you into the moment.

  3. Letting Go




    Clears a cluttered mind, for a fresh start.

  4. Body Love

    Recommended for uplifting & energising
    and improving overall body self-image.

  5. Into My Heart

    Recommended for calming, attuning, listening.

    Find inner peace and radiate lightness.

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