1. Vedic Meditation Course

    Vedic Meditation is an easy, natural, effortless technique anyone can learn. 
    There’s no need to focus or concentrate, or sit cross legged on the floor
    in an uncomfortable position. It simply involves silently repeating a personal
    sound/mantra which produces a deep state of rest in the mind and body.

    During this 4 session course, you’ll learn that you can meditate effortlessly
    (even if you think you can’t even sit still and your mind doesn’t stop!)
    and gain a greater understanding of what meditation is.
    Your attention span increases as you settle the over-activity of your nervous
    system and dissolve stress. This leads to a deep state of calm, clarity and ability
    to focus on daily tasks. Other benefits include reduced anxiety, improved sleep
    quality, increased creativity, enhanced energy levels, a stronger immune system,
    emotional stability, better relationship to self and others.


    In the first session, witness a short ritual/ceremony to receive your personalised mantra
    and learn the basic technique. In the next session, discover how the mind moves in
    meditation and how to practice effortlessly allowing the mind to settle.
    In session three we explore the relaxation response - how the body heals and restores
    in meditation. In the final session we’ll discuss how to integrate meditation into your day
    and enjoy all the benefits. Each day of the course, we will meditate together and time
    to get all your questions answered. You’ll leave as a self-sufficient meditator, able to
    practise pretty much anywhere…

    Includes 2 follow up 30 minute mentoring sessions and ongoing email support. 

    4 consecutive days 
    day 1
    days 2, 3 and 4 



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