1. Personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle Reset

    A programme for those who may need to gain weight or require
    a symptom healing programme rather than a cleanse.

  2. Nutrition Consultation with Amanda Griggs

    A diet and lifestyle review.

    Personalised assessment using functional testing such as:

    * Food Intolerance
    * Thyroid
    * Adrenals
    * B12

    * Blood count

    * DNA (for Fitness if requested)

    * Full diet, cleanse, fitness etc programme developed with ongoing coaching

    * Minimum commitment 1 month

    * Ideal for clients who need a complete MOT on their health / weight / energy
    with weight gain / loss issues, Candida, Thyroid, Adrenal issues, Anxiety,
    Histamine, Food cravings / Addictions

    Initial Consultation: 75 mins
    Price: £195
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    Follow-Up: 60 mins
    Price: £145

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  3. Tests

    The following tests can be carried out within your appointments, the team will discuss and recommend the most suitable for your requirements.
    Please note these tests are not bookable as a separate service.

    Functional tests offered

    Lorisian SILVER Food Intolerance Test (150 foods), £299
    Lorisian GOLD Food Intolerance Test (208 foods), £345
    Candida, £99

    Coeliac Screen, £99

    Histamine, £150

    Parasite, £165

    Vitamin D, £75

    Active B12, £89

    Adrenal function, £165

    Thyroid profile 3, £155

    Thyroid profile 2, £250

    T3, £85
    Homocysteine, £210

    Insulin Resistance Profile (FIRI), £85



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