1. Metabolic Balance

    A highly personalised programme developed by nutrition scientists, researched and developed over 25 years.

    Perfect for those who wish to kick-start their metabolism, lose pounds and reduce inflammatory markers, such as high cholesterol, fat around the middle, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance. 

    During your initial consultation blood tests are taken alongs with a nutritional consultation  which ascertains any health issues, intolerances, lifestyle factors, food likes and dislikes and your weight goals are discussed.

    Your personal plan is designed for you based around the information ascertained together with the results from your blood test and body composition analysis, food planning coaching and support throughout your 3 month programme.

    Please call us for more information on 020 3897 0401 if you need it.

    Initial Treatment: 60mins

    Follow-Up Treatments: 30mins


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